Goose Dogs For Sale

At What age should I purchase a dog?

Depending on your experience and when you require the dog will determine at what stage you should make your purchase.


As we use our own breeding program we are able to start the process by selecting the best two appopiate dogs, the stud and the dam. The puppies are bred with a good strong working background and a calm yet strong temperament. Watching them grow and following up with a temperament test completed at 7 weeks you can select your puppy to be your working dog.
When the pup reaches 6-12 months s/he can be returned to the kennel where we will instinct test and begin the training. This is the cheapest method to purchase a dog and allows you and family to bond and solicalise the puppy. Training takes between 4-6 weeks depending on the dog.


This dog will be at least 9 months old when you receive him/her. On average they are between 12-18 months of age. He will have received obedience and herding training and know the job that is expected of him. Not all Border Collies want to swim so you will need to a specific to the that request.


These dogs have been working in our program for several years, with age comes experience. This is the most expensive dog to buy. Most a seasoned swimmers and are a good for someone who has never worked with dogs before.

Working Class Border Collie Puppies AVAILABLE PUPPIES
We are expecting a litter mid February 2018 .  These pups have an excellent pedigree for working and I am so impressed I am keeping a litter mate for myself! Please contact me for further individual details and your shipping requirements