Asset Border Collies


“Intelligence and trainability are a hallmark of
the Border Collie”…….

Canadian Kennel Club

We are currently the number one Border Collie Kennel in Canada with 4 dogs in the top 10 according to the Canuck Dog Stats. Here at Asset Kennels our goal is to produce top quality Border Collies suitable for family homes. Temperament, Health and Trainability, the  three attributes that are our top focus. Our puppies will excel in your pet family home. 

We are proud to have owned and bred Border Collies are multi titled. This means they have earned titles in different disciplines, such as Good Temperament (CGN or CGC) Rally Obedience (RN, RA RAE) Obedience (PCD), Conformation Champion (CAN CH, AM CH) Grand Conformation Champion (GCH), Best Baby Puppy In Show (BBPIS) , Best Veteran In Show (BVIS).

 Why do we show our dogs? … Show dogs are judged based on the breed standard as stated by the CKC.  The breed standard makes the border collie identifiable from other breeds. It shows that they are physically put together correctly so they can move and turn as a herding dog should. This goes a long way to a sound and healthy dog for you.

The Border Collie is considered a medium size breed with high activity level. They are extremely smart so like to learn new things. They excel at Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Scent Detection, Trick Dog, Flyball just to name a few. Like other herding/active breeds they do require a couple of walks a day but just as important is they need to spend time with you. They are very a loyal breed who are often reserved with strangers but will do anything for their owners. Be prepared to be challenged and outsmarted by your Border Collie!

Todays Breed Standard

Every Kennel Club has their own breed standard, however they are similar. As our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, so we follow their standards. The Border Collie is the AKC’s 139th breed and ranks 35th in popularity. 

In Brief:

  • Height – 18-21 inches at the shoulder – females   19-22 inches at the shoulder for males
  • Weight – 30-55 pounds
  • Life Expectancy – 12-15 years
  • Double Coated either rough (short, medium, long) or smooth
  • Various colours  are accepted, including black, red , blue, lilac , black tri, red tri, merles, sable, gold, seal and slate.

Full Breed Standards:

To See a the full breed standards, please click on one of the Kennel Club links below.


Here at Asset Kennels we are proud to have bred and placed beautiful smart puppies with families throughout Canada. Our breeding program focuses on keeping the Border Collie within the breed standards and will be a wonderful member of your family. . We carefully consider which two dogs will be bred together so they compliment each other.

Breeders have the ability to guide their breeding programs to produce the “type” they desire.

Herding breeders breed for working ability , often overlooking the many health benefits of good structure and health testing available – their goal is a working dog. Sport breeders concentrate on speed and agility, this often produces puppies with extremely high drive and little “off switch.  Show breeders concentrate on looks and winning in the ring, this often produces Border Collies with a heavy undercoat that requires weekly bathing/drying and daily brushing.

I consider myself as an all round breeder – I want to produce Brains & Beauty. By health testing my dogs, crossing working and show lines I am produced beautiful smart Border collies that are suitable for pet/performance homes.

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