Available Dogs

At What age should I purchase a dog?

Depending on your experience and when you require the dog will determine at what stage you should make your purchase.


As we use our own breeding program we are able to start the process by selecting the best two appropriate dogs, the stud and the bitch. The puppies are bred with a good strong working background and a calm yet strong temperament. Watching them grow and following up with a temperament test completed at 7 weeks you can select your puppy to be your working dog.
When the pup reaches 9-12 months s/he can be returned to the kennel where we will instinct test and begin the training. This is the cheapest method to purchase a dog and allows you and family to bond and socialize the puppy. Training takes between 2-4 weeks depending on the dog.


These dogs have been working in our program for several years, with age comes experience. This is the most expensive dog to buy. Most a seasoned swimmers and are a good for for someone who has never worked with a working dog before.


Ice is now available, she has been working for me for several years and is very experienced. Although she is 7 years old she is extremely fit and keen. I would like to place her into small business environment where she can enjoy some home comforts after a day at work. She would really suit someone who is starting out…a dog to train the handler!!CKC Registered Puppies for Sale in Ontario Canada

Susie will be available next spring.,She is 4 1/2 years old and is working on a daily basis. Susie is a swimmer in small ponds not large bodies of water

CKC Registered Puppies in Ontario Canada

Work has begun on my 4 month  old pups who have already started to work stock.

They are available at any stage of training….watch this space


Calla is a beautiful tri female who is five years old. With age comes experience and wisdom. Calla is very biddable and will work with anyone, she has a fast response time which make her an excellent tight working dog in high public areas. She loves attention too and will happily live in a home too.  SOLD



We are expecting a litter of pups mid February 2018 . With an excellent pedigree for working dogs  and parents who are working dogs we are expecting to retain puppies for future dogs. If you are interested in either a pup or reserving a pup to be trained for you do not hesitate , they will sell fast!

Please contact me for further individual details and your shipping requirements.



Born April 2015, these two females are well on their way to becoming started dogs. They are car, leash and crate trained. They are both acknowledging and moving both geese and duck affectively. Pi loves to swim  and Cassy is still a paddler but her desire o move the geese is starting to overcome her fear of swimming. They are both good with people and children and will make a good addition to your geese management program. Please contact me for further details  and shipping/time requirements. Pi and Cassy

Newton is a neutered male, keen swimmer. Best as an only dog. He is a strong willed dog that does not hesitate to any task.

At the young age of 7 months Dot is ready to go. She started working ducks and sheep at the tender age of 12 weeks and has never looked back. She is a smart girl and a fast learner. She will enter the water but requires more time on site to develop into a stunning worker.

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