We have a very loving 5 year old female (not fixed) tri color/smooth border collie named Penny.

She loves our family, super affectionate,  however, is very aggressive to our younger border collie Max, who we got to be a friend for Penny. Unfortunately, Penny really wants nothing to do with our now 1.5 year old and often bites him, leaving scars…possibly jealous??

We feel penny wound be so much happier in a home with just one dog. While she is loving, so smart, never leaves property, she is very anxious and does not play nice with other dogs. We are constantly watching and at times separating the dogs when she gets in her moods. Car rides make her anxious and going to the vet is a major challenge for us and Penny. When other dogs come to visit, she is extremely aggressive, baring teeth.

I am wondering if Penny could be rehomed to a single dog family, preferably a place she can run.

We love her, but the two dogs together is not working at all unfortunately.

Penny is up to date with shots and takes no medication. When we travelled in the car we sometimes would give her meds.

She has no papers, but parents are both borders: on traditional black/white rough and the other tri smooth. Breeders were in mount Uniacke area.