Shep – Has been placed.

UPDATE: Shep has been placed!

Shep is looking for his new home. The owner has contacted me and I am trying to help her place him. Shep was not bred by me so I dont know his background. If you are interested in Shep please contact me and I will put you in touch with his owner Katherine.

Meet Shep

SHEP is a loveable, beautiful tri coloured 2 year old Border Collie, he is neutered, fully vaccinated and house trained. 

Shep sleeps in alcove laundry room but will also sleep in his crate, he eats ONLY dog food/treats. Shep follows basic commands, does not chew or destroy and is VERY affectionate. Likes to be where you are when home (unless he’s tired from outdoors, or in the evening)

Non aggressive (never bitten anyone, or other dog)

Looking for a home with adults, who:

Have TIME and ENERGY to enjoy him. (No children, he tends to herd them!)

Fenced yard, plenty of areas to frequently exercise him throughout the day.

Companionship, attention, and love. Would love to find a home not too far from ours (Kincardine) so we could offer to dog sit on occasions


Walks, catching a ball and frisbee (very focussed when doing so), taking a dip in the lake, being brushed and stroked. Shep is good in the car, long or short. He loves the snow and being outside in the winter.

AREAS that need improvement 

Walking on leash (we have a trail in backyard, walk him there 95% of time, not used to the city) He is very intelligent, and would benefit from agility/walking training 

Barks when people pass by, usually controlled with “ no barking” command, or (especially) “sit” and reward


You must be willing to meet, and spend time with Shep in our home to see if you are right for each other, agree to an adoption contract.

Be willing to communicate, provide updates on his well being.

Katherine H.


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