Border Collie Puppies For Sale

We are expecting puppies mid November 2021 who will be ready for their new homes in January 2022. Please contact me for further details! 

Border Collies For Sale in Ontario
Border Collie Puppies For Sale in Ontario

Contact me now obtain more information on the puppies and to arrange to meet them and their parents!  For further information by either email or text to 613 661 1815

  • All our puppies come with:
  • AKC Registration – non breeding
  • Puppy pack from Purnia dog foods.
  • A non breeding, spay neuter purchase agreement,
  • Record of De-worming
  • Record of any age appropriate vaccines given
  • ISO Microchip
  • Feeding Instructions
  • Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Hip Dysplasia Guarantee
  • Pedigree
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • see below for further details

Please note that deposits to reserve a puppy are Non-Refundable  & are seen that you have read the details on this page for a puppy purchase .  In any unforeseen circumstances, any monies paid towards a pup in advance are non-refundable  BUT can be used towards a future litter us.  Please do not expect a deposit returned because you have purchased another puppy from another breeder or if you have changed your mind. A deposit means that we are holding a puppy for you. The deposit will serve as a credit towards the final amount owing.

Due to the safety, health and well-being of our own dogs and puppies, we do not allow outside dogs on our property at any  time.

We do not allow families directly into our breeding facility due to the easy transmission of bacterial infections and/or diseases.  We will gladly introduce you to the sire and dam of your puppy individually when you visit.  Our dogs and puppies health is number one priority with us. We have nothing to hide and everything to protect.

We kindly ask that all families please use a public washroom prior to arriving to our kennel.  We do not have a public washroom available to our customers. We are less than 15kms from town.

We are a registered business (not a back yard breeder) therefore all sales are subject to HST.

  • ALL of our puppies are sold with AKC limited registration (non-breeding registration).The papers will be provided upon proof of spay/neuter.  Further upgrades can also be made such as a three generation pedigree, 1 year AKC Dog magazine subscription, AKC reunite and a Dog Care and training Video.
  • Genetic Health Guarantee: Your puppy will be guaranteed not to be affected by genetic CEA/CH, DH, Glau, IGS,NCL5, SN ,TNS, MDR1.
  • Hip Dysplasia Guarantee: Your puppy will be guaranteed not to be affected by genetic Hip Dysplasia by 2 1/2 years of age.
  • If your pet is diagnosed by your vet and confirmed by OFA/ DNA test  to have genetic disorder mentioned  please contact the breeder to discuss your options.
  • We do not guarantee against coccidia or guardia. Please take the same to research these parasites and how to control them. The medication we give ( Safeguard for Giardia) is 96% effective..
  • Puppy de-worming will take place at 2, 4 & 6 weeks of age. The medications are 96% effective so please talk to your vet about continuing medications as your puppy grows.
  • Vaccinations:

We follow Dr Jean Doods protocol for vaccinations. This means is your puppy leaves our facility at 7-8 weeks of age they will not have received any vaccines. You should contact your vet to discuss the vaccination process:

9 – 10 weeks of age
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV

14 – 15 weeks of age
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV

18 weeks of age
Parvovirus only, MLV
Note: New research states that last puppy parvovirus vaccine should be at 18 weeks old.

20 weeks or older, if allowable by law
Rabies – give 3-4 weeks apart from other vaccines
Mercury-free (thimerosol-free, TF)

1 year old
Distemper + Parvovirus, MLV
This is an optional booster or titer. If the client intends not to booster after this optional booster or intends to retest titers in another three years, this optional booster at puberty is wise.

1 year old
Rabies – give 3-4 weeks apart from other vaccines
3-year product if allowable by law; mercury-free (TF)

Perform vaccine antibody titers for distemper and parvovirus every three years thereafter, or more often, if desired. Vaccinate for rabies virus according to the law.”