Puppy Reference

I get a lot of email from owners thanking me for their puppy who they love dearly. I received this email the other day as thought I would share with the owners permission:

“Heather, my son Mark adopted one of your dogs in July, 2018. We named him FLASH, because we thought the name suited the breed. I was hesitant to allow a border collie into our home, since we live in a small city with a small yard. However, Flash fits right into his new home and has adapted beautifully. We live near a huge track/soccer field which he visits everyday. All of our neighbors love him, and I have heard many comments about how well behaved and social he is. Although he has the agility and speed that is typical of the border collie breed, he has a calm demeanor about him that I am sure he inherited from his parents and his early weeks under your wing. Thank you Heather for your wonderful dogs. I am 50 years old, and I thought my family rearing had come to an end. Now, I have Flash. We love him dearly!
Cheryl Godin