Bella and Glen both earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen Awards

So proud of Bella and Glen. While at the Border Collie Nationals in November they were tested for good and balanced temperament. It is a 10 step process and includes grooming  and being left with a stranger. Certificates have arrived and the now carry CGC in their official name.

Puppy Update

Received this lovely email… Hi Heather, I thought I would send you an update regarding Bandit (December 3/17 from Lilly & Glen).  As you may recall, you and I had a number of discussions about ensuring we got a pup that would be a good fit with our timid Brittany Spaniel Hunter as we had… Read more »

Puppy Reference

I get a lot of email from owners thanking me for their puppy who they love dearly. I received this email the other day as thought I would share with the owners permission: “Heather, my son Mark adopted one of your dogs in July, 2018. We named him FLASH, because we thought the name suited… Read more »

Finger Lakes District for a Dog Show

Brilliant and fun weekend in the Finger Lakes District for a dog show ( the best way to enjoy a birthday!) I took Misty and Glen for conformation – combined over three days we came home with a total of 10 AKC points including one major. Glen also achieved his first leg at AKC Rally Novice… Read more »

Magic titles in Trick Dog Advanced Congratulations to Magic and Shirley for this award. A lot of hard work goes into obtaining titles but such a pleasure to get this certificate in the mail

Magic goes to school

Magic and her owner Shirley went back to school and did a short demo for the children of the tricks she has leant towards her trick title. Shirley has done an amazing job with her, she also excels in agility and scent detection. Magic recently became an aunt when her sister Dot had a lovely… Read more »

Spring Pups have arrived

We are thrilled that our spring puppies have safely arrived and doing very well. There is nothing more amazing than watching a mother adapt and care for her newborn pups. Send us an email if you are interested in adopting a puppy

Ice is #1 Border Collie in Canada for Rally Obedience

So proud to be the breeder/owner/handler/trainer of Ice, Asset’s Ice Queen . She is officially the CKC 2017 #1 Border Collie  and the #9 from the Herding Group in Rally Obedience. She such a smart girl and we had such a great time travelling achieving this dream.